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Classes for All Levels

Pooch offers a wide variety of classes, from the basics
to advanced sommelier education. Pick the class that
suits your needs!

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Conducted by G.M. "Pooch" Pucilowski, Chief Judge for the California State Fair Wine Competition, each class is unique and promises to offer both fun and education to wine enthusiasts of all levels, and a chance to sip some truly delicious wines from Lodi's finest wineries! 

All classes are designed to make you feel more comfortable and confident aobut wine. Located in the heart of Lodi Wine Country — learn about wines on Saturday from 10 am to 12 noon, then visit the 50 plus, wonderful wineries in the Lodi Region

Wine Tasting

A fun, casual way to learn the basics about wine.
2 hrs to 2 days.
Try it today!




Every Class is Different!  Get all your questions about wine answered.

 Here are some of the topics covered:

Tasting Wine like a Professional
Learn the fundamentals--how to hold a wine glass, how to discern a wine's age by its color, and how to taste the
difference between dry and sweet wines.

Five Types of Wine and Flavor Identification
Identify the distinctive differences in the five categories of California
wines. Learn how the bubbles get inside a bottle of champagne!

Wine & Food Pairings
Why do certain wines and foods seem to go together?  or do they??  Find out the real secrets of how to enjoy real food and real wine!  

or call Lynn (209) 369-4758
for more information.

With Pooch

30 minutes to 3 hours. Ask every question
you want!

2 1/2 hour
classes that
cover it all.
Become an
expert or just have fun!

When: 10 am - 12 noon
Length of class: 2 hours
Size of class: 20 to 100
$15 (Members) / $25 (Non-Members) Discounts of up to 40% and Season Passes available

Oak Ridge Winery Event Center, Lodi

6100 E. Hwy 12
Lodi, CA 95240

Phone: 209-369-4758

2012 Schedule:
Every 3rd Saturday

February 18
March 17
April 21
May 19
June 16
July 21
August 18
September 15
October 20
November 17
December 15



Have a private
session or an
exclusive wine seminar for a group. 20 to 200.

For those who want to learn more about wine and ask questions in a fun environment. This is an interesting and educational seminar that will allow you to learn about wine without the snobbishness or intimidation usually dished out
by “wine experts.”

This class covers the basics of wine, wine tasting and sensory perception. Everything you wanted to know about wine so you can teach others.


"[Y]our talk was PERFECT
yesterday. When my husband
brought me my coffee this
morning with cream…he said
'for the lovely lady with ultra sensitive taste buds'”
Patricia W. Garamendi


“Pooch has tremendous
knowledge about wine –
excellent value and
a lot of fun!
Carel D. (Topper)
Van Loben Sels
Amistad Ranches Inc.


“Pooch is absolutely wonderful.
His knowledge (about wine)
is impeccable. He has helped
me tremendously in learning
about wine.”
– Brenda J. Tarter


“Excellent class, high quality.
Best use of my time in years!”
– Dr. Jeffrey Southard
Interventional Cardiologist

“Very accessible (convenient)
good way to actually learn.
Thank you Yahoo for offering
such a class. This greatly
enhanced the experience of
being a part of Yahoo”
– B.H.


“Tons of info in a short time. Awesome!.”
– Y.A.


“Good introductory course.
Instructor is very knowledgable,
energetic and entertaining.”
– C.J.


“Very gentle introduction
to the subject. Very useful.
Instructor was very good.
Fantastic overall. Loved it!
– L.M.


“Excellent class!
I learned a lot about wine!
Should be voted best wine
class by Sacramento Magazine!”
– Dr. Richard A. Borghi


"Amanda and I really enjoyed
your February class at the
Delta King. I'm so happy
that we took the class.
Now both Amanda and I enjoy
many different wines
together. We're having a
great time tasting wine.
- Mike and Amanda Cherry


"I work part-time at a
winery and found the sensory
class to be very helpful.
I feel my ability to discern
and describe smells
in wine has been
greatly enhanced."
-D. Miller


"The wine sensory class was
entertaining and educational..."
- Brian Miller


"I cannot wait to take
another course. The
class was fun, enjoyable,
and most of all, made
me less shy about wine!"


Size of class:
Groups from 10 to 100

Length of class:
Each class averages
1 hour to 3 hours, or
1, 2 or 3-day workshops

Dates: Upon request.

Price: Varies, depending on length of class. Price includes speaker fees, wines and other resources, as requested.

or call (209) 369-2020 for
more information.

Everything you wanted to know about wine but couldn’t remember the question. No worries! Pooch provides a complete list of questions that will get your group started. It’s fun, entertaining and educational!

30 minutes to 3 hours

Price: Varies, depending on length of class. Price includes speaker fees, wines and other resources, as requested.

This presentation can be done with or without wine.

Email or call (209) 369-2020 for more information.


The basics of wine. Designed to show you how to taste wine and make your own decisions on what you like or don’t like.
(oh yeah, there will be a minimum of 8 wines tasted in each session)


Uncorking Wine 1 — Tasting Wines
How to do it. What to do. Why we do it. Everything you can imagine on how to taste, smell, view and swirl wines. We answer questions like “how the heck
does wine smell like peaches, grass, bubble gum,
cat pee and wet dog in the same wine?”
All secrets revealed!

Uncorking Wine 2 — Understanding
the Basics of Wine
Learning the five types of wine. How do they get those tiny bubbles in that bottle of wine? What is the difference between varietal and generic wines?
Do French wines really taste better? Is a $30 bottle of wine 3 times better than a $10 bottle? Nothing held back!

Uncorking Wine 3 — Developing a
Sense of Smell

If you had 12 common smells in little bottles — can you pick out strawberry, apple, coffee and vanilla? Dont' be so sure. It’s harder than you think. Find out why. Then test your abilities!
Learn the secrets of the experts!

Uncorking Wine 4 — Wine and Food
“Marriages” — Do they really exist?

Learn what the top chefs in the country know about food styles/tastes and how they do or don’t marry with wines. Try a bit of lemon or salt before tasting your favorite wine — do you still like it? This will be a 5-course, specially designed dinner, with at least 2 wines per course! All your perceptions of food “marriages” will be blown away. Not to be missed!
Special sabering demonstration (with a sword) on a bottle of champagne! a la Napoleon!

Length of class:
Two-hour class, once a week for 4 weeks

or call (209) 369-2020 for more information.


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