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Do something
different for
your next teambuilding event; and have fun
doing it!


Your business is unique and if it involves wine, it has another layer of complexity added. Let my years of experience in the wine industry help you find the wines right for your clientele and your budget.


From table linens to menu selection, owning and/or managing a restaurant requires time, talent and resources. But it does have its enviable perks, like putting together a fabulous wine list for your patrons to enjoy.

Pairing the right wine with a particular dish can make a simple meal seem elegant. One of the greatest joys of being a restaurant owner is catering to a regular clientele, repeat customers who come for their favorite dish—paired
handsomely with the perfect glass of wine.

But there’s more to putting together a wine list than simply tasting wines and picking your favorite. Selecting the wine list should be done with all the care and consideration that goes into creating the menu selections unique to your restaurant.

I can help you develop the wine list, establish a buying program or wine-by-the-glass program, and create a wine atmosphere to make your restaurant a success. As part of this process, I can train your staff on the art of wine serving and tasting in your restaurant.

Consulting Fees: Call to discuss specific needs for your establishment

Contact: G.M. “Pooch” Pucilowski at (209) 369-2020 or email

Wine Shops/Retail

Stand-alone specialty food and wine shops offer
consumers a unique shopping experience. If you’re a specialty shop or grocery chain looking to establish your store as a fine wine merchant, or want to increase wine sales and repeat customers, I can help you reach your goals. I can design your space and selection and I can customize a wine training program for your staff.

Contact me to discuss the following consulting services:

Training for your sales staff on how to
sell wines on the floor

Placement and promotional ideas

Purchasing, and more!

Consulting fee: Call to discuss your specific needs

Contact: G.M. “Pooch” Pucilowski at (209) 369-2020 or email


As a wine wholesaler, your provide a valuable service. By taking advantage of economies of scale, and delivering multiple products of individual retail stores, you provide choices to the consumer.

But you want those wines to be of the highest quality for the value, and to do that you have know how to determine if a wine is ready for retail sale. With my 30 years of training and experience, I can teach you how to judge wine like an expert to determine if a wine is right for your market. With advanced training, you
can learn all you need to know about a specific varietal or about wines from a particular region.

If you would like to discuss how I can help you expand your wine knowledge to make better, more informed decisions, contact G.M. “Pooch” Pucilowski at (209) 369-2020 or email


Bus, limo or
van to wineries
for private
guided tours,
or seminars.


From entry to expert there is a class for
everyone and
every level.


For staff or for public events, Pooch has a variety of fun wine seminars for every need.


"We have started a new
wine competition for a
small, unique appellation.
Pooch was an invaluable
resource, providing
quidance throughout the
process (and then
participating as a judge).
Without him, it wouldn't
have been the
success it was."
- Deirdre Mueller,
Event Coordinator
Fiddletown Wine Competition

"I enjoyed your
talk and the wines you
brought for us to taste.
Thank you. The Sacramento
Home Winemakers could
have asked questions for
days and been delighted
to hear your answers."
Joy Smathers
Sacramento Home
Winemaker's Association

“Just want to say “thanks”
for a top notch presentation!
Several members approached
me with thanks for getting
such an entertaining and
informative speaker – they
wondered why we hadn’t
had you speak a long
time ago! You live up
to your billing … !
Again, many thanks."
- D.D. Smith, Vice President
Sacramento Home
Winemaker's Association

"What a cool guy with a
wealth of information to
offer on our industry.
Amador embraces every
opportunity to work
with Pooch".
- Jamie Lubenko,
Executive Director
Amador Vintners



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